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jamesharr Potter
Rosie appears
Created: 2013-01-02 | Posts: 8 | Last: 2013-06-04
Category: Environment
Rosie appears to be enjoying her time off from filming her reality show Made In Chelsea after the recording of the series ended last month. more
Tags: recording
jamesharr recently posted: How To Buy Online Chrome Hearts T-Shirts A t-shirt is not only a casual cloth which can be worn for the casual day in office fashionable apparel for college going student. It is also a uniform on a sport ground and you mu...more

Fabrizio Casapietra
Created: 2012-05-29 | Posts: 1 | Last: 2012-05-29
Fabrizio Casapietra is a songwriter who lives and sings in Genoa (Italy). His songs has been praised by journalists, musical critics, recording technicals, artists, other songwriters, poets, university professors (of theatre and musical history), and common people, who has cheered him in Genoa's cafés and squares. In his songs he tries to harmonize an easy-listening soft sound, with country-pop, soft and romantic melodies, light and shade effects in atmospheres and intensive, poetic emotions in texts. He took part in an exhibition of songwriters dedicated to the great Fabrizio De André: "Faber and the old city" (20-6-2010); In the famous italian journal "La Repubblica"(8/1/2009), there is an article with an interview and a photo dedicated to Garcia Lorca's monument: the great spanish poet inspired, for some critics, his love texts. An article of "Il secolo XIX°", important Genoa's journal, (7/1/2009) writes, in the title: "Casapietra, poet with guitar". He also recently played his s more
Bob Crawford -Official Website http://www.carosta.com/bob-crawford/ I work as a songwriter/composer, producer, guitarist, arranger, vocalist, recording engineer, Stage manager/Live Sound Engineer (currently with Grammy Award winner Larry Harlow and Zon del Barrio in NYC), consultant, studio owner, and now newly published author of "Symmetric Cycles", my John Coltrane/Pat Martino/Nicholas Slonimsky-inspired music theory book. I also provide customized music for and am actively seeking music licensing/placement opportunities with recording artists, for underscoring/transitions in film, TV, advertising and product placement, ringtones, video games, etc. in genres such as Pop, R&B/Soul, Indie Rock, Contemporary Jazz, Dance, Singer-Songwriter, New Country, and Folk idioms. Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC—Going Mobile For those using mobile phones, I just joined Advamobile where you can access my music, videos, blogs, and photos on the go. The URL is: www.adva.us/bobcrawford Text: ge more
Real Per
Choose a Price Per Head with True Redundancy
Created: 2012-06-06 | Posts: 1 | Last: 2012-06-06
Category: Entertainment
You know from experience that players will sometimes argue about their bets after a bad week. If you are using a call center, how you can you sure the bets are being placed properly? RPPH uses a recording system at its call center for this very reason. All calls are recorded and time stamped. If there is a question regarding a wager, that recording can be immediately recalled to verify all wagers. Phone systems can and will go down, but that is why there must be backup systems in place. RPPH has multiple systems in play all operating independently of each other. This means that there is virtually no circumstance save a natural disaster that could disable service for your players. In other words, unless there is a hurricane, tornado, or tsunami, they should be able to get their bets in 24/7! more
Sony has hailed its new Generation 6 (G6) CCTV video surveillance camera as a “ revolution ” for the security industry, claiming they push the curve of image detection and camera intelligence. The leading AV/IT solutions supplier rolled out their range of nine G6 cameras across Europe earlier this month, complete with the latest enhancements in Sony’s IPELA engine and Exmore CMOS imaging sensor to offer improvements in image quality. Recording rates of 60 frames per second (fps) in both HD and full HD are capable of being delivered, with increased intelligence, applications and algorithms in the camera providing smooth performance in rapid motion environments and frame-by-frame playback. Sony claims the G6 features improved light sensitivity and noise suppression of more than double its fifth generation range, Advancements in Sony’s wide dynamic range compensation technology, View-DR, in collaboration with the IPELA processor, means the G6 can more

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