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OEM Amazon Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen

Last Updated 2011-06-03 - 11:49:01 (CET)
OEM Amazon Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen
Condition: OEM, New Or Reclaimed A Stock

OEM Amazon Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen

1. Amazon Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen Specifications:
Size: 9.7 inches
Material: E-ink Pearl
Weight: 535 g
Resolutions: 1200x824 pixels
Color depth: 16 Levels of gray
Color: Black
Screen: E-ink Pearl
Origin: USA
Connector: Plug-in

2. Amazon Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen Features:
Kindle DX Screen adopts the E-ink pearl technology, easy-to-read electronic paper display with high contrast and sunlight readability. Kindle DX E-ink Pearl is similar to Kindle 2 E-ink Screen which adopts E-ink technology. E-ink pearl is the next generation of E-ink. E-ink pearl is an innovative new methods and technologies of displaying.

Enhanced Readability
E-Ink Pearl creates a dramatic increase in contrast giving e-Readers a contrast ratio close to a paperback book. The crisp text and detailed graphics are also highly readable in direct sunlight. You can enjoy reading outdoors without any harm for your eyes. E-Ink Pearl Screen is Radiation-Free. Pearl's 16 levels of grey produce the sharpest rendering of images with smooth tones and rich detail.

Improved Speed
Turning pages in e-Readers using E Ink technology today is somewhat fast, typically in under a second, but with E Ink Pearl, a page turn can happen in a fraction of that time. Imagine what this enhanced performance can mean for applications such as e-Magazines where scanning from article to article is common. In addition, E Ink Pearl supports localized animation for more enticing advertising content for e-Newspaper or e-Magazines and a richer educational experience in e-Textbooks.

Lowest Power Consumption
E-Ink makes the lowest power displays in the e-Reader industry. And Pearl advances that capability with next generation performance. Unlike other technologies, E-Ink is bi-stable, which means it needs no power to hold an image or page of text. No need for bookmarks— an E-Ink Pearl-equipped reader can hold a page for weeks or even months, with no discernable battery drain.

3. Amazon Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen Common Issues and GDP Solutions:
Common Issues:
Most of the Kindle DX screens available from many sources are reclaimed.

GDP Solutions:
We provide the OEM and brand new OEM Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen. According to our standard QC procedures, we check the cosmetic appearance, the functionality and fit with other parts.

4. Amazon Kindle DX E-ink Pearl Screen Notes:
Since the Kindle DX Pearl screen we supply do not go with the rear metal plate on the back of the display, please keep the reclaimed the frame during repair or replacement. Handle carefully during installation because the E-ink screen is very thin. Also, the edge of the display is made of glass. If improperly handled, the screen may get cracked and does no
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