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Chef LeeZ - Google Web Designer - GWD - Add an Iframe code

Last Updated 2013-12-19 - 23:19:17 (CET)
Many times it has been asked of GWD and the answer has been it can't be done. Well here it is it cn be done. For other GWD fixes visit https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=4224748001646628547#allposts

Chef LeeZ earlier test using Google Web Designer - GWD- their intertistial iframe option was that it failed to adjust the slide bars so as to enable seeing the entire object. It is, at this time, a logged bug!

Well here's something that works ... and demonstrates your ad needs to be designed to the size of the initial view port inside the slider bars .. then entice your visitor to the visit rest of Ad as voluntary user interaction.

This version of Chef LeeZ (http://chefleez.com), ( http://www.cookingschoolsintl.com/chefleez/indexN1.html)is an unpublished site which proves this code does work for both Chrome and I E.

Let's break this down a little as we did two searches 1) for position code and 2) iframe code and melded them for you as follows for our example. For yours you would put your src="URL" in place of ours

Position: above, Top __ Left ##px, then the width which lets you set where on the page the iframe will sit as you will not see it render on your design page as anything more than a div box

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