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How to win the pick3 using your favourite number!

Most people think that winning the pick3 lottery is hard, But it is,nt if you know how to play numbers. I consider my self to be a Master in the game of Pick3 lottery. With thousands of winning I have proven results that works.The key to being a successfull winner is to know when your number is coming. That is the KEY! How is that possible? it is . eg: 3 months ago I selected 316 as my favorite number to play and guess what it took 2 months to fall which I played every day. How much did I lose ? nothing why because every number has a follower , I call them the breaking off a number. How was I able to play 316 for two month with out losing, Well I use the breaking from the number 316 which produce 18 hits during the time I was waiting for my 316 to fall ,So I never get discourage during that time because the follower keep falling alerting me to hold on, 643 n 601 were the indicators for 316 and they were falling all most every week. And finally 631 came 3 times last month .
Category: Gambling | Created 2010-08-31

Tags: How to win the pick3 using your favourite number

Improve your odds of winning lotto

Last Updated 2010-08-31 - 13:04:39 (CET)
Improve your odds of winning lotto
While choosing winning lotto numbers, most of us rely on our luck. Great thinkers always believe that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity! And there are websites that make sure that you use your luck in the right place.
Luck is certainly the major factor when it comes to playing lottery, winning prizes, betting and gambling. In the absence of luck the chances of you winning is quite grim. But relying on your luck alone and making no efforts on how to utilize in the best way will not serve any purpose. There is no scientific way on how you can improve your luck but still you can strictly adhere to tried and tested guidelines and select a set of numbers that will improve your chances of winning Pick3 lottery.
Now let’s suppose you get the magical Bahamian lottery formula that predict lotto numbers and enable you to win nearly every game you play. The good news is that there are websites that offer tried and tested strat... more

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