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Citizen Eco-Drive Multifunction

Zetawatches.com is a premier online store specializing in Citizen Watches. We are based in Singapore and New York, USA. All watches are shipped free of cost with excellent packaging. We ship worldwide.
Category: | Created 2015-01-08

Tags: Citizen Eco-drive, Citizen Automatic, Citizen Chronograph, Citizen Promaster

Casio Analog Digital G Shock, Casio Analog Digital Watch, Casio Analog Mens Watch, Casio Chronograph

Last Updated 2015-06-30 - 09:16:39 (CET)
There are many who avoid watches for they canít afford costly watches; neither willing to go the inexpensive side thinking of the quality. For them, the Casio WS300 watches are a good choice. They never need a careful handling and are built for the long, rough hauls. Everything you get with it comes neatly packed, tucked and trimmed to the point of excellence; this is the kind of watch that survives fires and falls with maybe a small scar on the face to tell the story.

The Casio Protrek Watches , for example! Those into the sports arena for 10 years or more must have spotted it right away; it brings together all elements essential to survive abusive usage, dirt and sand. An ideal mix of slim, compact dimensions and a-grade components keep things out of harm's way. Unflinching accuracy, minimal adjustments, high legibility and automatic EL backlight illumination makes it an all-time watch and we didnít speak about the 330 feet water resistance yet! The 10-lap memory stopwatch c... more

Sicura Automatic Divers 300M Crystal SM606GB Mens Watch

Last Updated 2015-06-17 - 08:54:25 (CET)
Thereís no need to go blah-blah-blah explaining how great the Sicura automatic divers 300M crystal SM606GB mens watch is; thereís an old adage that says a good wine does not need any bush. Here, bush means praises on highest quality or sophistication. Those who are familiar with the name need no introduction to this other side of Breitling; those who are new to the arena, please read on.

A bit on the background, first. Sicura comes under the rosters of the Chamber of Commerce. The compa more

Tissot Automatic T-Classic Mens Watch

Last Updated 2015-05-22 - 09:20:40 (CET)
Watch chauvinists have long adored Tissot not only for their heritage but also for the fabulous styles and designs they keep belting out almost every year. This mindset is stronger among those who always liked, like and will keep on liking autos better. True, mechanicals also mean self-sufficiency; you are not reliant on another entity for feeding. You sure wonít like to see your expensive watch turning into a fancy paperweight just because you lack the time to take it to the service center or j more

Unmatched quality of Citizen Watches

Last Updated 2015-05-12 - 09:35:23 (CET)
The ultimate and unmatched quality of Citizen Watches can be seen equally in all Citizen watches, from the very traditional to the very contemporary, out of which, some even made it to collectors! It comes from the high-end craftsmanship embodying stellar concepts in high-end materials. Not just in Eco-Drive awesome, but also in its quartz and automatic variants, down to the DCP or the Deployment Clasp! They need a firm, heavy push on the button for the clasp to open and are another example of C more

Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch: Tech-trick up the sleeve

Last Updated 2015-04-21 - 13:52:49 (CET)
Functionalities come galore into play on the dial of the Citizen Eco-Drive Alarm Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Watch and thatís not just the chronograph and the perpetual calendar. Take a closer look and you will be surprised by how little info the watch name conveys while hiding all inside its little, hard underbelly. More so, for the Citizen alarm (with perpetual calendar) chronographs with atomic clock syncing and world-time functions; the only problem that you might face is deciding which o more

Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Titanium Radio Controlled Menís Watch: Hi-tech toughness

Last Updated 2015-04-08 - 08:59:56 (CET)
Citizenís concept of atomic timekeeping flourished through the Promaster range, the Titanium models soon becoming a favorite to technocrats. It received a world wide acclaim as much as Eco-Drive. The Promaster Titanium targeted the crowd that goes by split-second decisions, its radio controlled accuracy soon became a much-desired phenomenon among travellers, including aviators and balloonists, worldwide. The Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Titanium Radio Controlled menís watch has since held ground more

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Men-s Watches

Last Updated 2015-03-27 - 07:32:18 (CET)
The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver menís watches are a standing proof that dive watches can be both fun-wear and useful and functional when need be. They are ISO-certified, so the last thing you need to worry about them is giving away when they are needed the most. Extremely impressive aesthetically, the solid proportions bring the Eco-Drive Promaster Diver watches a definitely imposing presence.

Fueled by light, it ensures the caseback never leaves it place in its lifetime. That way more

Citizen Aqualand Diver Eco-Drive Men-s Watches

Last Updated 2015-03-17 - 07:32:19 (CET)
A longstanding misconception needs being addressed first. Contrary to many people holding AQUALAND as a specific model from Citizen, it is actually a class of specific type of watches with specific uses in specific fields. Not that you cannot wear them in the nightclub or on the streets; just make sure you are not one of them who abhors water or hasnít gone beyond the safe boundaries of private and/or commercial swimming pools. We are talking about the wild oceans here, where things usually star more

Citizen Promaster Aqualand Scuba Diver Watch Ė For full-time wearing, even outta the water

Last Updated 2015-02-24 - 11:23:40 (CET)
Citizen Promaster is a high-tech sports watches range that uses leading edge technology to bring in unique functions, enhanced by stylish designs. The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster collection presents some of the most useful timepieces that incorporate Ė among other features Ė a depth meter (125 m) and a chronograph (50 minutes) and thatís not too common in dive watches. Citizen had to keep in mind that legibility and utility (strong lume and AR-coated crystal) stay unaffected and ď-only dive-comp more

Unmistakably sporty appeal of Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches

Last Updated 2015-01-30 - 08:22:14 (CET)
Be it the Primo Stingray with the rotating, 360o-degree bezel and tachymeter with the 60-minute chronograph or the super accurate atomic timekeeping collection synchronized to the atomic clocks, Citizenís Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches exude a simple, yet revolutionary philosophy. It is against ethics for a sports watch to stop due to a lack of running power when engaged in activity; more so for a chronograph for it tells you how accurate your hairsplitting decisions are. So Citizen did aw more

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