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A great role in the cement plaster

Last Updated 2014-01-02 - 03:32:31 (CET)
Natural gypsum (CaSO4 2H2O) , also known as gypsum, calcined , pulverized plaster available . Gypsum is an important industrial raw material . Gypsum also known as Puyang jade , cold, Puyang made ​​using gypsum grinding jade pillow can be cold grams thermal control blood pressure, blood pressure can stick to gradually reduce to normal levels. Gypsum is a widely used industrial materials and supplies . Can be used in cement retarder , gypsum building products , model making , medical food additives, sulfuric acid , paper fillers , paint fillers.silver mining equipment in mexico
Gypsum is monoclinic , a high degree of cleavage , easily split into thin slices . The gypsum is heated to 100 ~ 200 C, the loss of part of the water of crystallization obtained hemihydrate gypsum . It is a rigid gas cementitious materials, with α and β are two forms radiate diamond crystal , but with different physical properties. α -hemihydrate gypsum crystallization good , solid ; β -hemihydrate gypsum is flaky and cracked crystal , crystalline , very small , specific surface area than the α -hemihydrate gypsum is much greater.
The production of gypsum products , α -hemihydrate gypsum need less water than the β type products have a higher density and strength. Usually in saturated steam autoclave steam from refining medium is α -hemihydrate gypsum , also known as gypsum ; wok or a rotary kiln with an open device is made ​​of Duan Lian β -hemihydrate gypsum , which is building gypsum. Industrial by-products have the same chemical properties of natural gypsum plaster , does not require too much processing. Gypsum hemihydrate and water, mixing a slurry of gypsum is formed again during the drying process to obtain rapid setting and hardening strength but water softening .barite grinding plant in thailand
Gypsum is the main raw material for the production of gypsum plaster cementitious materials and building products , as well as Portland cement retarder. Plaster after 600 ~ 800 C calcined catalysts , such as adding a small amount of common ground lime , anhydrite binders can be obtained (also known as the Guinness Book Binder ) ; was 900 ~ 1000 C calcined and ground , you can get high-temperature calcined gypsum . With these two articles made of gypsum , building strength than gypsum products , and anhydrite binders have better heat resistance, high temperature calcined gypsum has good abrasion resistance and water resistance.benefication of iron in india
Gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate is the main component of natural ore . Natural gypsum cement consumption has been the main raw material , the status of half-hearted . Although only 3% of gypsum in cement , but it has a very magical effect , no more gypsum cement building standards are not arriving . If no additional gypsum , cement, tricalcium aluminate will rapidly react with water , tricalcium silicate hydration will have a significant phenomenon . Slightly over tricalcium silicate content , it can happen anxious condensate phenomenon , so to lose the plasticity of the concrete foundation of the obligation can not be a mixing station . If you add the right amount of gypsum, can effectively regulate cement setting time , improve the early strength cement.
Since such a large role in gypsum , natural gypsum will be specially prepared to engage in the industry . Gypsum pre-grinding industry has become a major project depends mainly on the preparation of gypsum powder mill to proceed. Gypsum mill used no more than two , one is vertical mill , high pressure grinding is another . Vertical mill is a common cement mill, often used in the cement grinding station , the main raw material for cement and cement clinker grinding. Cement plaster added after firing , after homogenization, grinding again, gypsum powder evenly spread among the cement . Gypsum powder is generally prepared using high pressure mill , gypsum and cement industry can not be compared to the industrial scale of small, the amount of gypsum in the cement is small , for the production of gypsum powder , the high pressure mill capable , if with a vertical milling machine to the job , it will cause the cost of investment promotion. High Pressure Mill vertical milling machine not only with respect to the price advantage , it is a small stature , small footprint , easy installation cover all controls , productivity simply no large vertical milling machine , but has been able to meet the gypsum powder consumption requirements. Stone ground into a powder of high temperature , water will be solidified , time is very short, so add gypsum, from retarding effect , after the cement and water, you can have enough time to transport , vibration, smooth.
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