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Last Updated 2010-10-18 - 05:18:27 (CET)
Edwood was going to attend a meeting with his secretary. As soon as they got off, a boy was coming with leaflets and intended to give them two pieces. The secretary was planning to drive him off but Edwood stopped her and said “Looking at him, I remembered my youth and I was afraid of being refused.”
Another day they were attending a meet about energy conservation, and they meet another boy who was distributing pamphlets. The secretary was intended to accept, but Edwood stopped her and said that they should refuse this recourses wasting advertise.

Two weeks later, one pretty girl gave them two papers firmly in front of his Company; Edwood accepted the paper and gave her five hundred yuan. Surprised the secretary could not say a single word. Edwood said that the girl was his daughter, and she wanted for 500 hundred yuan to buy fashion boots and tiffany jewellery. But he didn’t give him so she distributes pamphlets to earn money.”
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