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He also doesnít take advantage of opportunities

Last Updated 2014-10-17 - 03:04:18 (CET)
He also doesnít take advantage of opportunities to kill everyone. He couldíve killed Gloria Mott, or even Patti LaBelleís housekeeper, Nora, but he spared them.
Yes, thatís right. He couldíve killed Dandy Mott, but doesnít. They donít coach handbags uk the bill somehow.At the end of Episode 2, Twisty starts to work with Dandy. coach handbags outlet doesnít seem like the type of guy to work well with a partner. How

will their relationship work out?
I think itís funny how it unfolds, and coach hobo handbags wondered about that myself. There must be something of a kindred spirit in the two of

them. Certainly thatís true of Dandy. I think their agendas donít quite fit together. From Twistyís point of view, by the end of

the episodes, he recognizes something inside of him.

What can you say about his relationship to the Freak Show?
Heís most definitely not a part of the Freak Show, coach purses uk will tell you that. Theyíre very important to why heís doing what heís

doing. Had they chosen another town, none of this may have happened.
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