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Artist: xxxopher (aka Tha Lone Gunman)
Released: 2011-02-27
Genre: Pop
xxxopher's first album, EXPERIMENTATIONS, is a collection of tracks from throughout his early years of music, before he considered himself a professional. These are not "Top 40" hits, but for the legit xxxopher fan, it's a un... (more)

  Latest Single (view all)
Single: mihaela Danaila singing Almaz ...
Artist: danaila mihaela
Released: 2012-08-11
Genre: Pop
mihaela Danaila voice Adrian Danaila acoustic qhuitar ... (more)
Play (00.04.02)

Single: In My Dreams
Released: 2012-03-15 | Genre: Pop
Soft Rock - Love Ballad... (more)
Play (3:06)

Single: Never Again ft. Santana
Released: 2011-07-11 | Genre: Pop
Never Again ft. Santana - Glenn Davis Doctor G All Stars (Radio Version)... (more)
Play (5:20)

Single: Money Makes Money
Released: 2011-07-11 | Genre: Pop
Glenn Davis Doctor G All Stars - Money Makes Money... (more)
Play (4:57)

Single: How Many More (Sins) Feat. Eric Clapton
Released: 2011-07-01 | Genre: Pop
Glenn Davis Doctor G - How Many More (Sins) Featuring Eric Clapton... (more)
Play (4:28)

Single: Happiness
Released: 0000-00-00 | Genre: Pop
Text/Music/Production: Marc Morlock (P) 1991 http://www.youtube.com/user/pifpoufpaf9... (more)
Play (3:21)

Single: Albert Dugger
Released: 2010-08-30 | Genre: Pop
The lyrics should give a clue... (more)
Play (5:46)

Single: Iphone Addiction
Released: 2010-08-02 | Genre: Pop
A song about a woman who is jealous because of the addictive relationship her man has with his Iphone, basically he's cheating on ... (more)
Play (3:50)

(Track: 1) TZR_XXX
Artist: Austn
Released: 2008-01-10 | Genre: Pop
Play (5:41)

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