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Noam Teu's Blog.

All you need to know about technology on line, tourism, environment,

some chronicles about environment and technology.
Category: Environment | Created 2012-09-05

Tags: blog

I Mean

Last Updated 2014-05-11 - 23:07:57 (CET)
Speaking of dubious safety findings…
Remember when Toyotas accelerated by themselves and got people into accidents? (doctordray Except that it was all a big hoax / myth? People still haven’t forgotten that little episode, which provided an awful lot of convenient political cover for two major recalls at Ford and GM, respectively.
The fact is, any major safety finding (car catches fire, accelerates itself) sticks in the public conscious. One of the many factors the Volt has to overcome, apart from being an absolutely awful driving experience, is the fact that people perceive it as flammable ). Since most folks are already suspicious about “new” technologies in these cars for a variety of reasons, it’s going to be a hard sell that GM has fixed the problem. After all; this is the company that gave us the Corvair. ... more

Magic Mike

Last Updated 2014-05-09 - 15:54:15 (CET)
I saw a lot of chests tonight. I mean, it was a lot of chests. If you like male chests, Magic Mike is an excellent movie for you to watch.

It should be said that the first hour is tremendous, actually. Everything that happens is hysterical. The film does this weird thing with color where the day is weirdly desaturated, creating contrast between the magical night-time bits when the chests come out. I thought that was nice. More in more


Last Updated 2014-05-10 - 22:53:15 (CET)
Una delle innovazioni più importanti di questo fifa (FUT 14) sarà il sistema di controllo della palla, definito “First Touch Control“, che dovrebbe essere molto più realistico rispetto a quello di FIFA 13. La ricezione e la conseguente gestione del pallone sarà infatti molto più complessa rispetto al passato e dipenderà da diversi fattori: potenza, velocità e altezza del passa more

Goodsgarden tips about best bank alt city

Last Updated 2014-05-10 - 22:57:47 (CET)
The gold farmer Goodsgarden (gold for Wow,fut 14 , Aion, Gw2 etc.), tell us about « best bank alt city » :

every where you read about starting to make gold, people will advise you to create a bank alt to sell/buy and hold your items. But i have never read anyone say which race is the best to create for a bank alt. Here are my tips :
Best bank alt city

To determain t more

on climate

Last Updated 2013-01-14 - 19:50:03 (CET)
on environment : an other discussion fuel vs food war continues .

very interesting

do you know customs of Indians ?

Last Updated 2012-10-02 - 15:46:28 (CET)
Whenever spring came unto this region, and wherever the people lived on both sides of the river, they would customarily want to have some fun. So the two chiefs would be the ones who would begin to talk. “We shall commence to play at that time." - Such was the talk of the chiefs of the two tribes. Whenever they desired to have fun, their two chiefs would habitually first begin to talk.
“On such a day will we begin to play shinny ball. We will first to go over to the other side for the pu more


Last Updated 2012-09-05 - 20:58:59 (CET)

All You Need to Know About Plastic in one infography which whow us the travel of plastic ,in our lifes

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