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Last Updated 2014-05-11 - 23:07:57 (CET)
Speaking of dubious safety findings…
Remember when Toyotas accelerated by themselves and got people into accidents? (doctordray Except that it was all a big hoax / myth? People still haven’t forgotten that little episode, which provided an awful lot of convenient political cover for two major recalls at Ford and GM, respectively.
The fact is, any major safety finding (car catches fire, accelerates itself) sticks in the public conscious. One of the many factors the Volt has to overcome, apart from being an absolutely awful driving experience, is the fact that people perceive it as flammable ). Since most folks are already suspicious about “new” technologies in these cars for a variety of reasons, it’s going to be a hard sell that GM has fixed the problem. After all; this is the company that gave us the Corvair. 
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Post Category: Environment

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