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James Cameron dives to deepest ocean point

Last Updated 2012-03-26 - 08:14:40 (CET)
James Cameron dives to deepest ocean point

louis vuitton uk sale He made the descent alone in a prototype submarine called "Deepsea Challenger", taking around two hours to reach the bottom.Once he reached a depth of 10,898 metres (35,756 ft), his first words up to the surface were: "All systems OK."His craft is kitted out with cameras and lights so he can film the deep.This is only the second manned expedition to the ocean's deepest depths - the first took place in 1960.The earlier descent was made by US Navy Lt Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard.They spent about 20 minutes on the ocean floor but their landing kicked up silt, meaning their view was obscured.Before the dive, the Titanic director told the BBC, that making the descent was "the fulfilment of a dream".He said: "I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction at a time when people were living a science fiction reality. "People were going to the Moon, and Cousteau was exploring the ocean. And that's what I grew up with, what I valued from my childhood."
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