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Aggelos Mavros's Blog.

Orbital Remixes - CD Preview

Open Source delivers from his homeland Athens an extraordinary progressive psy trance remix compilation featuring 9 previously released tracks. All remixes are deeply emotional, groovy and totally different while retaining a progressive rhythm. Open Source reflects a diverse range of musical inclinations from psy tech to electro house. The result is a solid combination of massive driving progressive trance excitements, all different and infectious, guaranteeing a magical journey to everyone attempting to listen to this roaring release.
Category: Music | Created 2014-02-06

Tags: orbital remixes

Highly Motivated To Rock You

Last Updated 2016-12-11 - 12:59:28 (CET)
The time has come to experience something new. An extraordinary production from an unexpected source.

To say that both the music and its maker will challenge your preconceptions about fine psytrance, would be simply an understatement. They will ROCK YOU TO YOUR CORE !

Ladies and gentlemen, Open Source is.. Highly Motivated To Rock You!... more

Open Source - Enormously Insignificant [New Album]

Last Updated 2014-04-05 - 11:35:44 (CET)
You are 1 person out of 7 billion people, on 1 solar system out of 200 billion solar systems, in 1 galaxy out of 200 billion galaxies, in 1 universe out of an infinite number of parallel universes, and that makes you ENORMOUSLY insignificant to this world.

After 2 years of making, Open Source proudly announces his upcoming "ENORMOUSLY insignificant" solo album, including 9 new soulful tracks made out of extreme effort.

His fifth solo album will be elevated as a musical apocalyp more

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