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HP G61 Battery

Last Updated 2015-07-03 - 09:47:41 (CET)
The hinges are firm with a hint of wobble. During travel the display is held closed by two catches operated by a single sliding latch. The front of the palm rest is a reasonably low 20mm above the table level.Underside of the 6024W: left = covers on, right = covers off to expose the HDD and RAMThe bottom of the computer is slightly stepped, with small protruding feet about 3mm (1/8" long). These feet help provide airflow under the computer although part of the underside is very close to the table surface. The bottom of the 6024W has two removable covers.

The screws for the RAM slot, the keyboard and the optical drive are labelled. The RAM slot also contains the backup battery for the CMOS (removing the battery will reset the CMOS in the event of a user locking themselves out of their computer). The HDD is wrapped in metal foil. This is the first time I have seen such an arrangement and I was told it was for screening. The foil does help reduce the noise from the Hitachi hard disk! There are also two air vents on the underside as can be seen in the photos and two more air vents on the front edge. The standard 6-cell battery fits flush at the back of the computer and is held securely by two latches, one of which is spring-loaded to facilitate one-handed removal. There is an optional 12-cell battery which protrudes from the back.The 6 cell battery and the battery bayThe KeyboardThe front edge of the palm rest is a reasonably low 21mm from the table surface. The keyboard on the 6024W has an almost standard layout. The Fn key occupies the front left corner which suits me fine but will cause other people to run away. There are 88 keys which have very clear, large white markings on a black background. There are dedicated navigation keys along the right side, which I like. As always, there is scope to improve the layout.

To the left of the power button are four other buttons. Two are pre-set to internet and email and two are user-definable. It would have been useful to have one of the keys pre-set to eject the optical drive (it’s on my list of things to set up).The keyboard indicator lights, power button and quick start buttonsA Tour of the SidesOverall, the ports are quite well laid out. There is a total of four USB ports, one on each side and two on the back (an unusual feature is that these ports have power whenever the computer is plugged into mains power, even when off). The fan exhaust is at the back of the left side where the hot air is least likely to cause a problem and the optical drive is on the right. So far, the worst port location seems to be the power socket, also near the back on the left side, because the power plug is straight and the cable is doing a U-turn round the back of the computer. The tray loading optical drive is very close to the table surface and the slot loading option is easier to use. Let’s have a tour of the sockets, clockwise starting at the front.The CPU, GPU and cooling system for the 6024W are located under the keyboard. This is less convenient than having a cover on the bottom of the notebook when the time comes to clear the dirt out of the cooling system.

Also under the keyboard are two mini PCIe slots. One is occupied by the wireless card and the other is available for other cards such as Turbo Memory (which is now standard on one of the 6024W configurations). Looking under the keyboard explains two of the 6024W’s features: (a) Having only a thin keyboard between the fan and the user makes the fan noise more audible than on most notebooks; (b) the right side of the keyboard rests on a thin metal housing for the optical drive so it is difficult to fix and the keyboard base bouncing on the housing makes the keyboard noisier (as already noted, some adhesive tape will fix this).Under the keyboard: cooling system, two mini PCIe slots and the optical drive bayThe DisplayThe display is 1440 x 900 (WXGA+) “Ultracrisp”matte LCD. The device ID is CMO 1430 although the Zepto datasheet indicates that they normally use Samsung.

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I did have to use a separate pin adapter to convert the Euro plug to my US adapter, but all of the voltage conversion was handled by the Lenovo power adapter.ComplaintsThe only part of this adapter that I did not really enjoy was the lack of "easy" travel storage. Besides the Velcro straps, it’s just too awkward to find a way of compacting the wire assembly to easily fit it back inside the travel case. While it wasn’t impossible, I would have preferred a more convenient method.ConclusionThe Lenovo and IdeaPad 90W Slim AC/DC Combo Adapter is a great little travel charger for your Lenovo notebook and other mobile devices if you are a road warrior. You trade your old clunky adapter for an extra charging tip and save quite a bit of space. Personally, I wish more companies offered this type of charging adapter.The 14.1" Zepto Znote 6024W is a sibling of the 8600M GT-enabled 6224W and has the Intel X3100 GPU for those customers who do not need 3D GPU power and prefer more battery run time.

Zepto is based in Denmark but are now selling their notebooks in several countries. The company is best known for packing a lot a gaming performance into their notebooks but also offer a wide range of configuration options. The ODM (original design manufacturer) of this notebook is Inventec.Reasons for BuyingI was almost content with my Samsung Q35, particularly its ability to run for about 5 hours away from a power socket. However, the 12.1" display is a little small for my old eyes. The Q35 was bought for the occasions when I don’t want to carry the 2.5kg 15.4" Samsung X60plus. I looked at the Samsung Q70 but, while the display was excellent, the battery life was no match for the Q35. I considered the Rizeon S37E but it wasn’t available so, in early July 2007, I ordered the Dell M1330.

It is brighter than the Samsung notebooks I have used and has excellent contrast with no serious light bleed. I was concerned about having a matte display after nearly 3 years of using glossy screens. Initially the display appeared to be slightly grainy but I soon concluded that this was the dispersion caused by the anti-glare coating.This BIOS setup screen shows relatively uniform lightingThe minimum brightness is too dark to use but a brightness of 3/8 is usable although full brightness is the default setting on mains power. My eyes are happy with the default size of text and graphics which is a fractionally bigger than on the notebooks this is replacing. Viewing angles are typical for displays of this type. The horizontal viewing angle range is good and the vertical range moderate for text work.

However, colour images are best viewed at 90 . They become darker when the top of the screen is pushed back and lighter if it is pulled forward.The two ~30mm speakers below the display give adequate audio quality but bass response is lacking. I wonder whether some breather holes in the display panel to allow free movement of air behind the speaker diaphragms would improve the quality. The Realtek HD Audio Manager has plenty of options but selection of anything with significant bass boost results in painful distortion once the audio volume is increased. “Living Room” environment and “Dance” equalisation is the best configuration I could find for the internal speakers. Fortunately, the digital audio out has a separate set of equalisation options.

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