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fashion in leather jacket

Last Updated 2011-12-21 - 10:24:57 (CET)
The Franklin and Marshall jacket really is the winning wardrobe staple. Unlike jeans, a leather jacket will fit you no matter the changing size of your hips. A leather jacket won't stain like the classic white t-shirt, in fact the dirtier and worn in it looks the better. Fashion trends may come and go, but a perfect leather jacket is for life.

Originally worn by aviators and members of the military in the form of leather Franklin and Marshall jacket jackets, the leather jacket became fashionable in the 1950s via films such as The Wild One starring Marlon Brando. Its original depiction was as a jacket for rebels with the likes of James Dean, Elvis, Fonzie coveting the style. Its rebellious images was cemented by the invention of the DIY studded punk culture in the 1980s, where custom made leather Franklin and Marshall jacket became a uniform for those wanting to challenge the mainstream. Since then the style has been adopted as a staple for rock stars ranging in genres, from The Sex Pistols to The Strokes, The Ramones and even Lady Gaga. Thanks to movies like The Terminator, The Matrix and even Grease, leather Franklin and Marshall jacket are also an icon for evil, futurism and bad boys. Very rarely does the squeaky clean prince charming character don a leather jacket, nor does the princess for that matter.

Along with its edgy moniker, the leather jacket is a practical piece for braving the elements (for those planning to wear fur this season – good luck in the rain), which is why the style is on our winter hit list once again. The resurgence of S&M thanks to Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, along with the luxury biker looks seen at Franklin and Marshall are a few valid reasons to experiment with more embellished styles this season. The studded jackets by the amazing girls from Di$count will provide further lust worthy inspiration to stud up this season too.

If you're a little apprehensive to try some punk power, a buttery soft Franklin and Marshall leather biker and bomber jacket that finishes at the waist is your safest bet. Some of the current shearling styles also look deliciously toasty warm and are hard to resist if you live in a cold climate. Whichever way your leather up - you really can't go wrong. If Hoff can pull a leather jacket off, so can you.
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