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In the mid noughties (2005 to 2007) extraplay.com was famous worldwide as a music promotion and music download site for new up and coming musicians. The site also streamed the music from it's many thousands of talented member musicians.

extraplay.com was also famous for streaming a live broadcast FM radio show every week from Cheshire in the UK. This live broadcast featured DJ Steve Garnett presenting the show every Monday night from 8pm to 10pm (GMT), playing the members music, playing requests and interviewing many live artists on air in the studio. As well as people listening to the station on their radios at home, in their cars, the weekly live show was also relayed live worldwide via the web site to listeners all over the world and was known as extraplay.com radio.

As a tribute to the former site, we're developing the music section, music player, and perhaps we'll have live presented shows again. In the meantime watch this space, keep uploading your fantastic music, and we'll help you promote it.

Below you can launch the extraPlayer popup player to listen to a selection of new music while browsing the site. This is a simple player, and we'll be developing a new slick player during the year.

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20 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:53
Playlist length: 1 hour 17 minutes 46 seconds

1. Al Chantrey - Have I Given? (3:20)
2. Alexander Darryl - By Your Side (3:12)
3. ALL MIGHTY WHISPERS - EX - Dark Journey (4:36)
6. Brigitte Meuwsen - Iphone Addiction (3:50)
7. Buck69 - Buck69 - I'm A King Bee (7:39)
8. Coraleena Ellis - Baby You Dont Know (3:38)
9. Cristina Bedale - She's Like A Diamond (3:31)
10. Da Bozack - Mess Wit Me No Mo (3:52)
11. James Oakwood - Albert Dugger re-eq (5:45)
12. Leave of Grass - But She Has to Break Down (4:38)
14. Maninblack - New York, New York USA (2:07)
15. The Mad Cat Rockers - Maximum Rock n Roll (4:04)
16. Mutek - Dancing in the sun (4:05)
17. Silvanus - Lyrics none stop (3:45)
18. The Talent - A Matter of Life and Death (4:33)
19. GYPZY BLVD - Perfect Girl (3:24)
20. Top Johnny! - Feel So Alive (3:30)
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