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My Reviews

In this blog I will write about top rated products, ways to find the best items and cheap deals.
Category: Shopping | Created 2014-02-17

Tags: best, review, reviews, buy, top, top rated, cheap

Where to Place the Fan in the Room

Last Updated 2014-04-01 - 12:29:19 (CET)
In hot summer days, people flock to the appliances stores to get stuff that will help them through the sweaty season. One of the top choices for keeping ourselves fresh at this time of the year is the good old oscillating pedestal fan and we are all interested picking the right product in this regard. What we do not pay enough attention the fact that the location of the fan can affect the quality of our experience at least as much as the brand and model of the fan itself. Here, I will try to give some ideas as to where to place the fan in the room.
One of the most common and most effective location for a pedestal fan is in front of a window or open door. This way, the fan will blow perfectly fresh air into the house and the air in the building will be replaced by completely new air within minutes. That can be especially effective if you are using a very powerful fan, perhaps a com... more

Handheld Vacuums: A much needed add-on for your inventory of appliances

Last Updated 2014-03-05 - 18:59:12 (CET)
Vacuum cleaners are probably one of the top inventions of mankind and are now an indispensable part of our daily lives. Indeed, we would have to way to rid ourselves of the looming heaps of dust, had it not been for these rather simple electrical devices. Newest in the world of vacuum cleaners are the handheld vacuums that can be moved around with the greatest ease.
Hand vacuums are not meant to be the primary vacuuming device at your home. Due to their physical limitations, handheld vacuum more

Scale Buying Guide

Last Updated 2014-02-17 - 14:15:58 (CET)
This brief article is aimed to teach you the basics about identifying the right scaling device for purchase.
There are basically two types of scales you can use at home. You can use a bathroom scale to weigh yourself. This is the most popular type of scale found in people's homes. Secondly, there are scales designed for weighing food. They are called kitchen scales or food scales. Some of the things you need to look for when choosing a scale is common in these two types while there are also more

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