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Scale Buying Guide

Last Updated 2014-02-17 - 14:15:58 (CET)
This brief article is aimed to teach you the basics about identifying the right scaling device for purchase.
There are basically two types of scales you can use at home. You can use a bathroom scale to weigh yourself. This is the most popular type of scale found in people's homes. Secondly, there are scales designed for weighing food. They are called kitchen scales or food scales. Some of the things you need to look for when choosing a scale is common in these two types while there are also some specific factors for each scale type.
The first thing is the most important one: Accuracy. Ask yourself. Whatever it is you want to weigh, at the end of the day what is your expectation from the scale? The answer is simple, right? You want your scale to provide you a precise reading of the weight placed on it. So before all else look for the most accurate scale.
Second, you want your scale to live a reasonable time period. Most scales are electronic nowadays and few retro scales remain in the market. Digital stuff is always fragile. It may work perfectly in the first few weeks but who knows what will happen after a few months. The durability problem is there both with kitchen scales and bathroom scales and there are basically two things you can do to avoid a low quality device. Step One: Read as many reviews as possible. Reviews give you info about the possible issues you can face on buying that specific scale. Some reviews are just ads that try to lure you into buying the product without actually telling you about it. However, there are also honest texts online such as this article that features several bathroom scale reviews. You can also go read the customer reviews online in retail websites such as amazon. Step Two: Buy from a trusted brand. There are well established scale brands such as EatSmart that are known for their quality plus affordable price range.
Third, you should make sure the scale has the basic features that makes it easier to use. For a bathroom scale, you want it to turn on easily by just stepping on it, without the need to do fancy stuff like picking it up and shaking it or something. You also want your scale to turn off on its own without wasting a lot of energy. The auto turn-off thing is a bit different when you are buying a kitchen scale. Some kitchen scales just turn off after a minute. I think this is a stupid design mistake. It often takes more a minute to measure the ingredients so the scale may turn off in the middle of something ruining your entire scaling experience. When you are buying online it is not that easy to find the product specs and to know how long it takes to auto turn-off. Make sure you check as many kitchen scale reviews as possbile before you decide.
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