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Handheld Vacuums: A much needed add-on for your inventory of appliances

Last Updated 2014-03-05 - 18:59:12 (CET)
Vacuum cleaners are probably one of the top inventions of mankind and are now an indispensable part of our daily lives. Indeed, we would have to way to rid ourselves of the looming heaps of dust, had it not been for these rather simple electrical devices. Newest in the world of vacuum cleaners are the handheld vacuums that can be moved around with the greatest ease.
Hand vacuums are not meant to be the primary vacuuming device at your home. Due to their physical limitations, handheld vacuum cleaners are not the most powerful cleaning tools available. Their special power is the mobility they offer. Canister and upright vacuums are still the go-to machines for the big cleaning that happends every week or so but it can be somewhat annoying to get huge canister mobilized if you spil some sugar on your kitchen floor. Well, that is exactly where the handheld comes into the game. If a cordless handheld vacuum is available at you home you will restore order in your kitchen within seconds. All you have to do is pick up the hand vacuum. Push the switch trigger. Make it suck the sugar and then put it back on the recharger to be prepared for the next use.
There are corded and cordless handheld vacuums available. It is apparent though, that the best handheld vacuum is one that saves you from dealing with the cord. Cordless hand vacuums have recahrgable batteries that keep the vacuum cleaner running for upto 20 minutes and you can do quite a bit of cleaning during that time. In theory, it is possible live only with a handheld vacuum. 20 minutes of cleaning per day can clean a large home area. But most housholds are still going to need the good old canister vacuum. That is a fact we have to face. Although haldheld vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular by day, they are yet to replace the larger vacuums that operate with a cord.
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