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Where to Place the Fan in the Room

Last Updated 2014-04-01 - 12:29:19 (CET)
In hot summer days, people flock to the appliances stores to get stuff that will help them through the sweaty season. One of the top choices for keeping ourselves fresh at this time of the year is the good old oscillating pedestal fan and we are all interested picking the right product in this regard. What we do not pay enough attention the fact that the location of the fan can affect the quality of our experience at least as much as the brand and model of the fan itself. Here, I will try to give some ideas as to where to place the fan in the room.
One of the most common and most effective location for a pedestal fan is in front of a window or open door. This way, the fan will blow perfectly fresh air into the house and the air in the building will be replaced by completely new air within minutes. That can be especially effective if you are using a very powerful fan, perhaps a commercial fan. It will still be great if you have one of the cheap oscillating fans from the local store.
Another location that will multiply the effective of an air circulation device is right below where the air conditioner is located. It can take quite some time and energy until the a.c. unit cools the whole space but with a fan that oscillates the cool air will pumped to all corners of your place within minutes. I would use a mid-range fan for this task.
Finally you can put your fan in the corner of small or medium size room. An oscillating fan is the best choice for this type of use. Placed in the corner and oscillating, the fan will spread and circulate the air in multiple directions across thewhole room and you will feel the fresh breeze without being exposed to too much wind.
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